PTEアカデミック エッセイ 79点 IELTS8 の解答例 3

Now we are dwelling in the 21st century which is modernised era. The information revolution has been changed the way of mass communication. In my opinion, it has positive effects on individual lives as well as society. This essay will elaborate my stance and thus will lead to a logical conclusion.

There are myriad of arguments in the favour of my stance. The most preponderant one is that by utilising advanced communication tools such as Facebook, Twitter and the like, now media can reach a broader range of reader, as they no longer have to rely on conventional newspapers. Furthermore, with the use of the internet enabled device like notebooks, smartphones and laptops, people can read news, even when they are on move, thus keeping themselves abreast with the ever-changing world. Needless to say, all these benefits stand people in good stead, as far as broadening their horizons is concerned.

Another pivotal aspects of this development is that by using latest advanced tools, people can share their idea and thought in numerous fields, from history and culture to Art and literature. Hence, it is apparent how society benefits astronomically.

In conclusion, in view of the arguments outlined above, one can conclude that the benefits of modern communication technology in today’s mass media are indeed too great to ignore.


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