Strategies by target scores – 50 in all sections

Order of importance

Speaking >>>>> Writing > Listening, Reading

IELTS 6.0 points or PTE 50 points are considered as “Competent” by the Australian Immigration office which can be used for its immigration process

I know how hard IELTS is! If you are struggling with the test, switching to PTE Academic could be an option.

Required time: 3 months or 250 hours

The time is based on a 2-hour preparation on weekdays and 4 hours on weekends, making up to around 80 hours a month. That way, 3 months of preparation will be worth around 250 hours.

Focus on Speaking and Writing

IMPORTANT: You will need to make sure your speaking is properly assessed, otherwise you will be stuck in the same mistake all over again.

To aim for all 50 points, focusing on Speaking and Writing is the easiest way to do it. Since some Speaking section scores affect Reading and Listening, if you do well on Speaking, the rest is to tackle the Writing section.

Writing has two question types: Summarize Written Text and Essays. Focus on Essays which allocates more points. Use a template to fill up at least 200 words and make less spelling and grammar mistakes.

Target score example

Order of importance

Speaking >>>>> Writing > Listening, Reading

Focus on Speaking and also Writing.

Read Aloud >> Retell Lecture >>>>> Describe Image, Repeat Sentence, Answer Short Question

Essays >> Summarize Written Text

No order

Summarize Spoken Text >>> Write From Dictation >>> rest

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