PTE Study Schedule

Study schedule

First month

Complete a grammar book
Any grammar book is fine. Personally, I recommend “English Grammar in Use” which is commonly used in many language schools. Also, if you are worried about your vocabulary, looking though one vocabulary book will not be a bad idea.

Read Aloud practice
Practice as much as you can. This will make you comfortable speaking in front of the computer.

Do one sample test
At the end of the first month, try one sample test. Target score is 35+ points overall.

Second month

Pearson Official Guide
Once you have completed grammar and vocabulary books, start working on the Official Guide provided by Pearson. There is lots of information in there but it is all valuable information. Read closely all the pages.

Read Aloud
To improve your Read Aloud, start recording your voice and try to see if you can improve it.

Practise Retell Lecture, Summarize Spoken Text
Scientific American has a“60 Second Science” section which provides daily news with audio. This is a good source for practising Retell Lecture and Summarize Spoken Text. You will find it very hard to do at first, but you will get used to it after 10+ tries.

Essay practice
By using a template try to write essays with academic questions.

Sample test #2
Target score is 40+ points overall.

Third month

Official Guide
Keep working on this book.

Read Aloud
Make it as perfect as you can.

Scientific American for Retell Lecture, Summarize Spoken Text
Try to do at least 2 questions per day

Essay practice
Get used to using your own template.

Sample test #3
Target score is 45+ points overall.

After the first three months

Take the sample test every month to see where you are placed currently. If a particular score is very low, try to identify why it is low, otherwise you might result in getting a similar score in the next test.

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