Strategies by target scores – Overall 58

Order of importance

Speaking > Writing >>> Listening, Reading

Try to get high score in Speaking and Writing sections.

Can be used when applying for New Zealand immigration

As of July 2018, the New Zealand Immigration office requires PTE 58 points or IELTS 6.5 points as proper English competency when an applicant is applying for Permanent Residency. For more information you should ask a visa agent.

If you think IELTS is hard to deal with, PTE Academic could be an option for you.

Required time: 6 months or 500 hours

The time is based on a 2 hour preparation on weekdays and 4 hours on weekends, making up to around 80 hours a month. That way, 6 months of preparation will be worth around 500 hours.

Sample score image

Order of importance
Speaking > Writing >>> Listening, Reading

What you need is a high overall score

It does not matter how much score you have in the Communicative Score but the Overall score does! That means you can take a different approach from where you need to score equally in all 4 sections.

Focus on Speaking and Writing

Focus on especially Read Aloud and Essay. This is similar to the All 50 points approach, you will try harder on Essay. Making less grammar and spelling mistakes will take you to as high as 65 points with less hassle.

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