Strategies by target scores – 65 in all sections

Order of importance

Speaking > Writing, Listening, Reading

Retell Lecture and Summarize Spoken Text are the keys

IELTS 7.0 points or PTE 65 points are considered as “Competent” by Australian immigration office which can be used for its migration process.

Required time: 9 months or 750 hours

The time is based on a 2 hour preparation on weekdays and 4 hours on weekends, making up to around 80 hours a month. That way, 9 months of preparation will be worth around 750 hours.

65 points in all sections

It is a one step up from all 50 or 58 points. That means you will need a different approach to achieve that.

In addition to Speaking and Writing, Listening needs to be taken care of
To improve your Listening, working hard on the Speaking section normally helps. Also make Summarize Spoken Text perfect.

Score example

Order of importance

Speaking > Writing, Listening, Reading

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