Strategies by target scores – 79 in all sections

Order of importance

Speaking, Listening >>> Writing, Reading

You will need to cover all question types across all sections. Don’t rush, just do one by one.

Final goal here

With this score, you won’t be required to submit any other documents to prove your English proficiency. This is just very hard to achieve but it is not impossible.

How is it different from all 65 points?

A few steps up from all 65 points, to me. You should do your best to avoid any simple mistakes, since that will take some points which would be critical for your score. Just aim for perfection.

Required time: 12 months or 1000 hours

The time is based on a 2 hour preparation on weekdays and 4 hours on weekends, making up to around 80 hours a month. That way, 12 months of preparation will be worth around 1000 hours.

In addition to Speaking and Writing, Listening needs to be taken care of
Same as 65. To improve your Listening, working hard on Speaking section normally helps. Also make Summarize Spoken Text perfect.

Master Speaking

Make all Speaking sections perfect. This would really help boosting your Speaking, Listening and Reading scores. For Writing, not only Essay but also you need practice on Summarize Written Text.

Score example

Spend enough time on Speaking but also on the rest as well.

Speaking, Listening >>> Writing, Reading

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