Read before booking the PTE exam

Are you confident?

Ask yourself one more time before booking an exam. Do you see yourself that you have nailed the test? If not, you won’t make it in the real test. Unless you have practised enough and are in confident dealing with the test, things that you cannot do in practice cannot be achieved in the test either. Do not lie to yourself that you have practised enough even though you have not.

Don’t be nervous!

You might encounter unexpected situations; such as when your computer freezes or if text that you are typing disappears. Whatever you encounter and that you have no idea about it, just ask directly to the staff in the test centre so as not to waste any time.

Practise practise practise!

PTE Academic is generally known as an easy-to-tackle-exam. That being said, if you do not spend enough time on practising, you won’t make it. Especially in the Speaking part, some of you might be suffering from its scoring. In that case, make sure your answer is assessed properly through the sample test rather than just by taking a chance on the real test which costs 10 times higher than the sample test in PTE Practice.

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