What is PTE Academic?

PTE Academic

PTE Academic (PTE) is an English test provided by Pearson. Comparable tests are IELTS which is provided by the British Council and TOEFL which is provided by the Educational Testing Service.

PTE is a completely computer based test. Although its inception is fairly recent (2009), more and more institutions are accepting this form of test to assess its applicants’ English proficiency. For example, in Australia and New Zealand, these migration offices assess candidates’ English competency based on their English test score. Due to this situation, PTE Academic’s presence is on the rise.

Accepted institutions can be found through the following link.

Who Accepts PTE Academic? – Pearson

Now let us have a look at some general information about PTE Academic.

Computer based exam

4 sections (Speaking, Writing, Reading, Listening) will be assessed by computers thoroughly. The score is between 10 and 90.

Receive your score as early as 24 hours after the test is taken

Your score report can be seen online through their website, and normally you will receive the result between 24 hours and 5 days after the test is taken.

Your score report will show two different scores

Communicative Skills and Enabling Skills will be shown on your score report. Generally, your score on Communicative skills will be considered as your English competency.

Can be booked as late as the day before the test date

Depending on the test centre and vacancy, you will be able to book even one day before the test date.

Practice can be hard

There are still few courses and schools teaching PTE Academic.

Hard to find a test centre

For some countries, there may be just only a few test centres which may require candidates lengthy travel.

The number of acceptances is increasing, but…

Since it’s a new testing system, it is still a long way to catch up with other major tests such as IELTS and TOEFL. You must make sure your applying institution accepts the PTE Academic score.

Approved by various institutions

If you are not an English native speaker, and if you want to be accepted into a university where English is the first language, in most cases you are required to take an English test to prove your English competency. Depending on the institution, PTE Academic score report can be used for those assessment purposes. So make sure that your desired institution accepts PTE Academic score.

Who Accepts PTE Academic? – Pearson

Your score may be assessed as an English proficiency level when considering migrating to Australia or New Zealand

Note: The below information is current as of July 2018.


Australia’s migration department accepts a PTE score as the candidate’s English competency. Here is the English competency list as defined by each section.

Functional – over 30 points in each section
Vocational – over 36 points in each section
Competent – over 50 points in each section
Proficient – over 65 points in each section
Superior – over 79 points in each section

Which English language tests are accepted by the Department?

New Zealand

New Zealand’s immigration department accepts a PTE of 58 points overall as the required English competency when an applicant applies for its permanent residency visa.

Acceptable English language test results | Immigration New Zealand

Score comparison to other English tests

Here is the score comparison between PTE and TOEFL, and PTE and IELTS which was provided by Pearson.


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