What’s in the PTE test?

A PTE Academic test takes around 2.5 hours depending on the questions you will have. There are four assessment sections and you will see the sections in the order below.

1. Speaking
2. Writing
3. Reading
4. Listening

Here are the actual test question types by sections:

1. Reading aloud
2. Repeat sentence
3. Describing images
4. Retell lecture
5. Answer short questions

1. Summarize written text
2. Essay

1. Fill in the blanks
2. Multiple choice questions
3. Re-order paragraphs
4. Fill in the blanks
5. Multiple choice questions

1. Summarize spoken text
2. Multiple choice questions
3. Fill in the blanks
4. Highlight the correct summary
5. Multiple choice questions
6. Select the missing word
7. Highlight incorrect words
8. Writing from dictation

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