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Due to globalization, nowadays people are not restricted to stay in one place but are allowed to seek opportunities globally based on their preferences. That means, you have much more choices of what and where to go compared to the life in the prior centuries.

I have been living in Australia for over 6 years now, and while it does not provide everything I had in my homeland, it does provide great people and environment, which has never made me consider leaving this beautiful country.

Australia is a country that welcomes approximately 200,000 migrants every year. Because so many of us are attracted to this lucky country, it is just getting harder and harder for potential immigrants to be granted a permanent residency visa which allows anyone to stay in the country as long as they want.

When I landed in Australia back in 2013, I already had enough points including extra points from English proficiency assessed by an English test score, to be eligible to be a permanent citizen in the country, however, the demand that I mentioned earlier has increased and ended up raising the bar.

In 2017 I decided to tackle PTE Academic, an English test provided by Pearson. After a few takes I managed to get my desired score (86 out of 90, 79 in all sections), but during the exam practice I was always struggling to find proper resources. This was because the English test was fairly new (established in 2009), and few people knew about the test. This got me thinking, I could do something to change this situation.

This blog is for everyone who is struggling with the test and I hope it will help you achieve your target score.

My name is Kay. I am an Australian permanent citizen living in Melbourne. When I applied for the permanent residency visa, I was lacking some points which forced me to take an additional English test for additional migration points. As I pointed out to you earlier, I took PTE Academic.

Pearson – PTE Academic

For my personal visa situation, I needed 79 out of 90 in all four sections. After a few takes I managed to achieve the goal score.

When I took the test back in 2017, there were few resources considered useful for this test. Not to mention that there was almost zero resources written in my language (Japanese). As of 2018, although there are some teachers and schools that have specialized in PTE Academic, we are still seeking the best way as to how to give proper guidance to test takers. This is a completely different situation from other well-known exams such as TOEFL and IELTS.



Currently I run a website called “PTE ACADEMIC JP (” which guides students in how to prepare for PTE Academic properly. Although I have achieved certain results through the website, I am also frequently asked by many PTE candidates from other countries. I thought, it might be interesting to write a guide for those who do not understand Japanese. So that is how this book was made. I am also working on a Chinese version as well.

I have taught 50+ PTE candidates through that website and figured out the shortest path to enable your target score based on your situation.

I hope you will find this blog useful and that it will enable you to achieve your desired score.

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