PTE Practice (sample test)

PTE Practice is an official PTE sample test

Pearson provides a sample test called “PTE Practice”. This is a paid test that you can have which is basically the same testing on your computer. As of July 2018 there are three packages based on the number of contained exams.

PTE Practice

It is very important to get used to the testing system by doing the sample test. Don’t worry if your sample test score is a bit low – it tends to generate a lower score than you usually get in the real test. For example, if you can score 50 in the sample test there is a possibility that you will be able to get between 55 and 65. If you can score 70 in the sample test, you can expect that you will achieve 79 in the real test.

Here are some things to consider during the sample test.

Know your weak points

PTE Academic’s scoring is usually score adding. So as long as you do well based on their scoring system, you will pass it. But your score will never be improved if you have no idea on what you should improve on. That is why taking the sample test is very important to identify your weak points.

Take the PTE Practice test at least once a month. You may find it very difficult, but don’t worry. As I said it is supposed to be more difficult than the actual test.

Make sure your microphone and speaker are in working condition

The sample test is run on the browser on your computer. So your microphone and speaker must be able to detect input/output. Just double check if they can detect your voice and can provide audio before taking a test, otherwise you will just lose 30 dollars for nothing.

Make sure your Speaking score is properly assessed

Basically, what you cannot do in the sample test cannot be achieved in the real test. Especially the Speaking section is critical, because if the computer cannot pick up your voice according to various factors, your Speaking score won’t go higher than 50, which would be critical for most test takers. If you receive the lowest score 10 in either or both Oral Fluency and Pronunciation, you will need to be VERY careful. The way you speak is not detectable to the computer, which may cause the same result in the real test. You will need to find out why the computer cannot pick up your voice, is it because of your microphone or because of your voice? Just clarify your issue.

In PTE Academic, all of your answers will be assessed by its computers. So if they do not detect your voice, you answers will never be assessed properly. I highly recommend you to do the sample test until the computer picks up your voice, otherwise you may just lose your money in the real test.

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